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Category: Camera Reality

A Brief Interview with Lorena Turner

“[T]here is a momentum that accumulates and feeds movement in a certain direction, it increases in volume and amasses responses or reactions that underscore it. Then there is a period of deflation. During the deflation period the original form is intact and the idea of momentum in present, if only by reference, but the direction slightly changes to accommodate the specific set of circumstances of that time.”

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Fortieth Parallel by Rory Hamovit

Early in Fortieth Parallel is included a photograph of Humboldt Sink in Nevada with the word “NOW” etched across the smooth sloping, sun-bleached plain. The difference between the nonpermanent quality of newsprint on which the image is printed versus photographs made by O’Sullivan to be included in a photographic archive is not lost while looking at this photograph and I consider what in fact it means to live in the present.

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