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Family Faith Food

Size: 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
176 Pages

Family Faith Food is a culmination of three online issues from Strant Magazine published over the course of 2015. Each issue considered family, faith, and food individually. Family Faith Food coalesces the three online issue into one print publication and reconsiders how the three topics inform one another.

Featured is the work of 27 photographers along with essays,
photo book discussions, and interviews.

Contributors: Saleem Ahmed, Sophie Barbasch, Samantha Belden, Aaron Canipe, Evelyn Cervantes, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Sara Clarken, William W. Douglas, Jon Feinstein, Makenzie Goodman, Maury Gortemiller, Amanda Greene, Jesse Groves, Samantha Harthoorn, Dave Hebb, Shaun H. Kelly, Johnathon Kelso, Natalie Krick, Ian Mahathey, Michael McCraw, John & Emily O’Connor, Nathan Pearce, Bradley Peters, Anacleto Rapping, Aaron Turner, Milly West, Kay Westhues, Joel Whitaker, Brooke White, Tara Wray