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Standard, 8.25″x10.75″
94 pages

It is the intent of Strant Magazine that we foster dialogue about photographic work. And in doing so encourage one another to believe in or at least affirm what each of us are pursuing through photography. Photography is communal. It is a dialogue between the photographer, the photographed, and the viewer and can be one of the most accessible artistic mediums. Photographs inherently possess a characteristic to which we as a participant in the conversation can attach meaning. Through that conversation we can hopefully understand ourselves and those around us better. In doing so, perhaps we foster a stronger community.


Terrance Reimer – Made In Fresno
Jonas Jungblut – Straight From The Minibar
John O’Connor – Visitor’s Guide
Ellen Webber – Holding Patterns
Shaun H Kelly – Circler of Circles
Todd Roeth – Gregory Alan Isakov
Jesse Groves – Until There Is