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Corpus California


Extratabloide, 12″x18″
Edition of 50
44 pages
Unbound w/sleeve

There is an influence that a place imposes on its people and vice versa, that its people impose on that place. In doing so, we live in relationship with and become a part of a particular place both corporeally and metaphysically. Corpus California is about a body of work and also a body at work, at times contentious at times cohesive but always a body responsive.


Each contributor created a different edit from the same given set of photographs along with written essays. Corpus California is unbound allowing the reader to arrange the pages according to each contributor’s edit. Much like a choose-your-own-adventure book, the reader can sort the pages according to the three edits or create an edit of one’s own choosing.

Erika P. Rodriguez
Jonas Jungblut
Jesse Groves
Shaun H Kelly
w/illustrations by Joya Thomas